Suggan Buggan to Jacobs River

The main consideration we had today was what sort of nick would Jeff be in…and the GREAT news was he was feeling much better! This was confirmed when Johnno poked his head out of his tent and was greeted with a huge thumbs up from Jeff who was stoking the fire back into life.

So our plan for the day was to head north up into NSW and follow the Snowy to the Pinch River campsite…

The day started with a reasonable climb out of Suggan Buggan followed by a nice series if downhills in open farming country until we actually hit the snowy river…where we were ‘guaranteed’ flat roads – clearly whoever said that was not a bicycle rider with touring weight as some of the jump ups out of the Snowy were quite testy!


Mark and Jeff riding the Snowy River Way – 8 (ish) K’s north of Suggan Buggan

We got to a place called Willis which marks the Victoria/NSW border. Willis is on the  straight bit of the border called the Black/Allen line which runs all the way from Cape Howe in Bass Straight to the source of the Murry river


NSW/Victorian border – Johnno has a foot in both camps!

We wanted to stop for lunch at this milestone moment…but just as we arrived we were met by a busload of schoolkids who were going to raft back down the Snowy to McKillops bridge in Vic. We didn’t want to share this wilderness corner of Victoria with ‘em so we hit the grumpy old men switch and continued a k up the road to the entrance to the Kosciusko NP is search of serenity…serves us right… when we got to the picnic area there were 3 park rangers equipped to the hilt with front deck mowers, whipper snippers…what a bloody cacophony, but by now we were now too hungry (and possibly defeated) to really worry about this…so we ate our lunch with all of this happening around us.



Entering the Kosciusko NP

The Iveco rolls in at this point too and that’s when we hear about Jayson’s Snowy River sandbar encounters…what a dick!! Trevor and Anne Marie are not quite “on the wallaby” grey nomads…but they were certainly out for an adventure and clearly doing things in style with their vehicle. They filled our depleted water bottles with their triple filtered water, a far cry from drinking Snowy water which was our only other real option!.

Its not an an image of Anne Marie’s actual vehicle but her rig looked much like this…

There was rumbling of thunder around and the real prospect of a storm, which excited storm chasers Jeff and Mark…lets just say a lot!! We didn’t really get a decent storm out of it but we certainly got rain! At Jacks Lookout it really started to come down. With that we kitted up with raincoats and rode on to what we thought was going to be our stop for the day, Pinch River. The cousins back at Suggan Buggan had recommended it as ‘the place to stay along this stretch of the Snowy’. We weren’t convinced as we rode into the campsite.


Wet and dirty bikes were the order of the day!

The Park Rangers we met earlier were having their afternoon smoko at Pinch River…we must have looked quite ridiculous arriving there completely soaked to the skin…they seemed however not to be too phased at this and we had a great chat. Most importantly they suggested we ride on a bit further to the next campground Jacobs River which they thought was a much better option in the wet conditions. They also put a call through to home to let our fams know that we were still in the bush – we had been out of phone range now for four days…



Jacobs River campground – thanks to the park rangers we found this place – it was perfect

Jacobs River campground was fantastic… it was still raining so the shelter was a godsend…we spread out all our gear on the table provided and completely made ourselves at home. We managed to light a fire and were set for the night.

Later on that day we met up with Michael and Tina, a lovely couple who were living life to its fullest out in the back-blocks – they joined us for a fireside cuppa and chat.









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